1960 Buick LeSabre

One of the most easily identifiable elements of the show “The Jetsons” was George Jetson’s car. The futuristic, flying craft was featured in the introduction and regularly during the series. While we haven’t seen flying cars just yet, The Jetsons creator used real-life inspiration to dream up George’s flying car from the 1954 Ford concept car named the Atmos.

Meet George Jetson: this awesome B-Body LeSabre from its one off year design in 1960 combines the stump pulling torque of its muscle car offspring with the kind of old school Detroit comfort that’s classy to fly down Main Street and make an impression…a lasting one! Today, thanks to a high quality restoration, a bit of custom resto-modding including some custom Ridler wheels and low profile bands, a rebuilt power plant, and some new paint, a lot of re chroming, and a like new interior retaining its original retro, and loads of styling you can look cool rolling down the road, turning many heads, and plenty of carefree miles of spacious driving all over this galaxy!


Jane his wife: Few new-age Buick buyers would ever dream of their coveted tri-shield adorning an aggressive design like this. Fewer still would ever dream of accenting that aggressive design with a coat of Lexus Nautical Blue, but that’s exactly what this restorer did. And today, in typical 60s Detroit fashion, Buick’s first generation LeSabre is adorned with long surfaces and sharp creases that are incredibly hard to make straight. All these miles of delta fins, and fender over hangings with the rear fins starting at the beginnings of the door sills. Now that’s serious fins! Fortunately, the metal on this super cool cruiser has been worked and it is looking good. There are some crosshatches from sanding of the body filler that can be seen when inspecting the car closely. These marks are noted throughout, but the filler has been used mainly to make these difficult lines straight, and rust is and never was an issue on this sexy body. Wrap-around front and rear glass, with a white hardtop above. We have dual headlights that protrude from the beginnings of the front fenders framed in the center with a shaver style grille and the trio shield in the very center, and a beautifully chromed bumper bellow which wraps around the fenders, this car looks like not only can it drive you down the road in Buick style but may even be able to fly. Bringing up the rear of the car is a spacious trunk sandwiched in between those lovely delta fins which provide the above framing for the round rocket nose styled taillights. Another wonderfully shiny bumper below to comb your hair or brush your teeth and tri-shield with B U I C K badging on the trunk lid and 50’s styled LeSabre type font on the right. 20-inch wild looking Ridler wheels with low profile tires are on all 4 corners giving this early Mid Century modern car a contemporary twist. Eye candy fer sur.


Daughter Judy: Not unlike his overspending, raging hormone teen daughter, the interior has spared no expense when it comes to modern looking with plenty of space, looking like it’s from outer space. Parchment white vinyl benches, the front being split, and the rear custom stitched with a tri shield in its center, these chairs are pristine. Door panels also have the parchment in tuck and roll with some lower carpeting and more custom embroidery with that groovy font saying LeSabre. The dash uses a fine mix of pleated and chromed vinyl panels that create a point as they cascade down from the speedo cluster. The speedo is one of those cool rolling rods as one increases speed it moves horizontally past the speeds. Within the “point” of the dash are some nifty square Mirror Magic gauges and neat knobs and pulls for various comfort controls. A big beautiful parchment steering wheel fronts the dash and a lower brushed stainless panel with the transmission selectors in round bezels and a gun sight indicating which position the transmission is in. The original Sonomagic radio resides to the steering wheel stage right when the lower panel dies into the passenger glove box panel. Like new tan plush carpeting and the headliner is near perfect.


His Boy Elroy: And just as feisty, and full of energy, bathed in gold, the engine block, valve coverings, and intake manifold are bedazzling. You are ooohing and ahhhing at 364 cubes in V8 form and not knowing if it is original to the car but correct for this car. A single 2-barrel carb feeds this golden mill, and a Dynaflow Turbine Drive 2 speed automatic tranny is on back. Way back 3.07 gearing spins the rear rubbers. For the exhale, a dual Flowmaster exhaust system is now on. As efficient, and purrs like a kitten just like when it was driven off the showroom floor. Off to old school. And all in a near perfect engine bay housing.


Have a gaze at the undercarriage pics, and you’ll see it’s all; buttoned up fully restored and recoated steel. This sexy monster rides upon independent coil sprung front suspension, and a 3-link coil sprung rear suspension. Power drum brakes are all around and can clearly be seen through this open big Ridlers. All good on the underpinnings.


Don’t expect to pull up to your day job at Cogswell Cogs and have this car fold into a briefcase, however what you can expect is plenty of performance and ease of driving. Power steering helps, power braking aids in the panic stoppage, and there’s plenty of power to float you down the interstate at today’s speeds. All is working just swimmingly save for the radio, and it is a great driving experience that turns many a head. And the ride is to die for, as I nearly ran over my partner in crime out decoder and great friend in all my Mid-Century Modern excitement.

If you’re a fan of 60s Detroit class, it doesn’t get any better than this cool old Buick! Anyone can cruise a Chevy or Ford, but this killer LeSabre is a rare exercise in flamboyant, one year only style. If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind car that’ll be a blast on the road and a hit at the show, your search is officially over! Visit our Hallowed Halls and take it all in for yourself. Jane! Stop this crazy thing!





2-Southgate, CA Assy Plant

014212-Sequential Unit Number


03A-1st Week March Build

STYLE 60 4411-1960 Lesabre 2 Door Sedan

BODY FC454-Southgate Body #

TRIM 421-Gray & Black Cloth Bench

PAINT DD-Silver Mist

Price: Auction

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Location: Morgantown, Pennsylvania, United States